FarmVille Recipe Mastery Billboard: Everything you need to know

Depending on how many items your craft in your Craftshops, Bakeries, Spas and the like, you may or may not need the newest mastery billboard that was released in FarmVille this week: the Recipe Mastery Billboard. As the name suggests, this billboard, once built (or expanded) will allow you to store all of the crafting mastery billboards you may have earned since crafting first launched in the game. Did you master all of the GagaVille recipes, for instance? Now, you'll have a place to not only store those signs, but display them alongside all others in a relatively small area.

As usual, the Recipe Mastery Billboard requires you to collect building materials to actually construct it.

  • 8 San Paper

  • 8 Wood Glue

  • 8 Clamps

When you collect these (either by asking friends or by purchasing them for one Farm Cash per individual ingredient), you'll be left with the most basic of Recipe Mastery Billboards, which can be expanded to hold more individual signs by collecting more and more ingredients via the help of friends (or some Farm Cash).

Again, there's nothing forcing you to place this Recipe Mastery Billboard, if you simply don't craft enough items to make the lengthy build worthwhile, but if you are looking to save even more space on your farm(s), without losing the mastery signs you worked so hard to earn in the first place, here's another option for you to do just that.

What do you think of this Recipe Mastery Billboard? Have you crafted enough items to full mastery that you need this billboard to store them all? Sound off in the comments.