CityVille Airport Passenger Terminal: Everything you need to know

After the release of the Airport last month in CityVille, users were given a chance to complete a Cargo terminal to earn more Goods by sending planes out on flights, similar to the Cargo Ship feature. Now, the Passenger Terminal is available, allowing you to send your town's citizens on vacation. Of course, you'll need to build this new terminal in your airport from scratch.

The Passenger Terminal requires you to collect five different items in bulk:

  • 13 Passenger Seats

  • 13 Attendants Outfits

  • 13 Aisle Carts

  • 13 Plane Windows

  • 13 Floatation Vests

When you've finished this, you can purchase four different kinds of Passenger Jets, most of which offers a different bonus when you send out tourists. Here's the lineup of available planes, their costs and their bonuses (where applicable):

  • EconAir - 100,000 coins

  • JetSet - 500,000 coins - 5% Bonus

  • First Class - 50 City Cash - 20% Bonus

  • CityVilleAir - Goal Reward - 15% Bonus

But what do these bonuses do? Well, these passenger planes work in the opposite way of the Cargo planes, requiring you to spend Goods to send citizens on vacation to various destinations (Rome, New York, Berlin and more) and giving you different amounts of coins when they return. The bonus comes in the amount of coins you'll earn when a plane lands back in your airport.

One final terminal has yet to be released in the Airport as of this writing, but we'll make sure to let you know when that Vacation terminal finally does launch. Keep checking back with us!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of the Airport Passenger Terminal? Will you use it more than the Cargo Terminal? Sound off in the comments.