Cafe World Flower Garden: Everything you need to know

A large new feature has launched in Cafe World this week, bringing with it a way to decorate your cafe with flowers. To interact with this feature, you'll need to first build the Flower Garden in your cafe. It requires four Flower Pots, three Flower Beds, four Flower Seeds and three Misting Bottles. These are earned through a combination of general news posts on your wall and individual requests sent to friends.

Once you finish the Flower Garden, you'll be able to grow flowers in pots within the garden. You can unlock pots by completing the Flower Garden goals within the game or by paying for them with Cafe Cash. Flowers take time to grow, but you can also use Fertilizer (two Cafe Cash per fertilizer) to make flowers grow instantly. Once flowers are done growing, you'll need to use Vases to actually display them in your cafe. Vases are different than pots, and are earned either by completing Flower Garden goals or by buying them in the store.

Different flowers have different withering times, and depending on the amount of active (not withered) flowers you have in your cafe, the different bonuses you'll receive in your overall cafe, as follows:

  • 2 Active Flowers - 10% more coins from dishes served

  • 4 Active Flowers - Buzz Boost for your cafe

  • 6 Active Flowers - Happy Customers enter your cafe; click on them for free spices

You'll also be able to master different kinds of flowers by growing them, and by doing so, the vases will change color in your cafe to reflect your mastery level. While this may seem like a fairly FarmVille-esque feature, you can grow as many or as few flowers in your Cafe as you'd like.

What do you think of this Flower Garden feature in Cafe World? Will you grow flowers in your cafe, or will you stick to just cooking? Sound off in the comments.