Monsters, pirates and mermaids (oh my?) pay Wonder Cruise a visit

Wonder Cruise on Facebook
Wonder Cruise, Nexon and Thingsoft's take on the obligatory management game on Facebook, sure does look adorable. But entertaining those guests for the umpteenth time gets a bit stale. Thankfully, developer Thingsoft realized this and looks to bring some spontaneity to Wonder Cruise in its first major update with interesting features like Wildcard Events.

Wonder Cruise MonsterSince Wonder Cruise is all about entertaining guests on cruises around the globe, these random events occur when a player sets sail in the middle of the vessel's journey to wherever. Wildcard Events can bring sea monsters, mermaids, dolphins, whales, ancient water gods, storms and even pirates to the side of your ship. The outcome of a player's cruises now depends on not just skilled management, but how well he or she can handle what the sea spits up.

Of course, this is a management game, so Thingsoft has revamped Wonder Cruise's Tycoon system to consider Gold, one of the game's primary resources, even more. Players will have to build new venues, like restaurants and casinos, on their cruisers to produce the Gold needed for upgrades. Goods are needed to supply those businesses, which can now be found through a new fishing system that has players searching for and clicking nodes in the water.

Wonder Cruise has also finally received a daily bonus system, which rewards players with Gold, Goods, Energy or a free spin of the Wheel of Wonder for logging in daily. The latter of which can result in Wonders for players to place on their vessels that attract even more passengers. As of this writing, Wonder Cruise welcomes just 30,000 monthly players, so maybe this is just what it needs to get gamers all aboard.

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