Flo from Progressive tours The Sims Social in 'Go With The Flo' quest

The Sims Social Go With The Flo
The Sims Social Go With The Flo

It was all downhill after Sonic the Hedgehog rushed his way into a Progressive TV ad. Now, Flo, everyone's favorite (right?) insurance agent from Progressive, has decided it's her turn to pay the games world a visit in The Sims Social. Yes, Playfish and Progressive have joined forces to bring The Sims Social players even more branded content. Don't let out a sigh just yet.

Should you complete Flo's three-part quest, you'll score a Progressive Unicorn statue that grants your Sim free energy for the next two weeks. You have 14 days to complete the quest, and you'll need at least three friends and some Goodwill along the way. Now, let's get you that one giant Progressive ad Progressive Unicorn.

Go With the Flo Part 1
Go With the Flo Part 1

Go With The Flo Part 1

  • Look Up Progressive on Computer 2 Times

  • Watch Flo's Commercials on TV

Just click on any old computer and choose the "Look Up Progressive" option to complete this first task. To watch Flo on TV, choose a TV and then the "Watch Flo on TV" option. You can use your friends' TVs and computers for both of these requirements.

Go With the Flo Part 2
Go With the Flo Part 2

Go With The Flo Part 2

  • Compose Progressive Jingle on Guitar 3 Times

  • Ask 3 Sims for Glitter and Unicorns

  • Search for Squirrels in Trees 2 Times

The first requirement can be completed on your Sim's or your friends' guitars--just click on a guitar and choose the relevant option. However, your Sim will get bored of it after two attempts, so move on to other activities for a few minutes. To ask Sims for glitter and unicorns, just visit three friends, click on them and then the relevant option. Searching for squirrels in trees is, again, as simple as finding trees and choosing the relevant option. You can also search friends' trees.

Go With the Flo Part 3
Go With the Flo Part 3

Go With The Flo Part 3

  • Have Goodwill

  • Prepare 3 Tacos in Microwave

  • Ask 3 Sims if They Love Tacos

To have Goodwill (we guess one Goodwill should suffice), all you need to do is perform friendly actions, like saying nice things or fixing and cleaning things in their houses. To prepare tacos in the microwave, just click on your Sim's microwave the relevant option. Asking Sims if they love tacos is as simple as clicking on your friends' Sims and, again, the relevant option.

After all of this, well, terribly easy work, the Progressive Unicorn will be yours. This nifty item will grants players will one free energy point every 24 hours. Not too shabby for 10 minutes worth of play, huh?

[Via & Image Credit: The Sims Social Fansite]

Have you started the Go With The Flo quest yet? What tips do you have to complete it even faster, and what do you think of the Progressive Unicorn? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.