Build your own Monopoly Hotels for free, now on iOS

Back in December, Electronic Arts launched Monopoly Hotels in the Canadian iTunes App Store, giving players a chance to relive the gameplay made famous by now-defunct Facebook game Hotel City, but with the properties from the famous board game as their guide.

Monopoly Hotels allows you to purchase hotels on the individual game pieces around a Monopoly game board (Boardwalk, Marvin Gardens, etc.), and then asks you to make those hotels as profitable as possible by filling them with hotel rooms and businesses. The game's social features will eventually allow you to visit your friends' hotels and track everyone's progress via an in-game leaderboard, or you can just play by your lonesome, unlocking as many hotels as possible along the way.

Monopoly Hotels is now available to download for free on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. To download it, make sure to head over to iTunes.

Download Monopoly Hotels on iOS -->

Have you tried Monopoly Hotels on iOS? What do you think of this hotel-builder's gameplay? Do you think it can fill in the void left behind by the closure of Hotel City? Sound off in the comments.

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