FarmVille Pic of the Day: March Madness hits Penny Kraemer's farm

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As the world celebrates NBA sensation Jeremy Lin of the NY Knicks, one FarmVille player has her sights on the NCAA Basketball's March Madness. Sporting (no pun intended) a tournament bracket design -- you know, those huge charts used to keep track of who played and beat who -- for a background, the caption "MARCH MADNESS", and basketball-in-hoop graphic built entirely of hay bales, Penny's farm also includes three rows of numbers that'd be somewhat mysterious to non-sports fans: 64-32-16, followed by 8-4, and lastly, 2.

These numbers actually represent the number of teams that start during the March Madness season, and as they square off against each other, the competition is whittled down. There was a brief second where we were confused by the 64 teams, because even though that's the traditional number (and it's been that way since 1985), the amount was raised to 68 last year. But the women's division still has it at 64, so that's likely what Penny's rooting for with her farm. Sports-themed farms are a rarity, but so are female sports fans and basketball players. So it's nice to see all three intersect on FarmVille.

What's your favorite sport to watch or play? Have you been swept up by Linsanity yet? Sound off in the comments.
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