FarmVille Bunnies offer hints of Easter event?

Search for the word "bunny" in the FarmVille marketplace and you'll see six new animals that have been added to the game's marketplace. These bunnies come in different colors and designs, but all of them look to be permanent additions to the store.

Blue Lily Bunny - 5 Farm Cash
White Daisy Bunny - 2 Farm Cash
Pink Loppy Bunny - 20 Farm Cash
Yellow Chubby - 10 Farm Cash
Purple Puffy Bunny - 15 Farm Cash
Gold Floppy Bunny - 30 Farm Cash

While these are definitely some adorable animals, and I myself am fairly tempted to bust out some Farm Cash to purchase them, the folks at FVNation have come up with a good theory - it's likely that at least the White Daisy Bunny will be given away for free in a future in-game feature, either dealing with the Easter holiday or otherwise.

Either way, we'll make sure to keep an eye on these bunnies and will let you know if there are any price changes or additional releases of these bunnies in the game.

[Image Credit: FarmVille Freak]

In the meantime, will you purchase any of these bunnies right now, or will you wait to see if any of them are released for free? Sound off in the comments.
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