FarmVille Blossoming Items: Yoshino Cherry Tree, Vine Cottage and more

As part of tonight's FarmVille update, we've seen the closure of the Valentine's Day theme and the launch of a new flowery theme: Blossoming. This theme comes complete with trees, animals and more available to purchase, but only for a limited time. Here's a complete look at the newly available items.


Yoshino Cherry Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Kwanzan Cherry Tree - 14 Farm Cash
Catawba Crape Tree - 6 Farm Cash
Tonto Crape Tree - 12 Farm Cash


Cherry Blossom Horse - 26 Farm Cash
Cherry Blossom Cow - 20 Farm Cash
Chery Blossom Ewe - 16 Farm Cash


Vine Cottage - 20 Farm Cash

Interestingly, there are no decorations in this theme thus far, but I'd assume that we'll see at least one more release in this Blossoming theme before all is said and done. If that turns out to be correct, we'll make sure to let you know.

What do you think of these Blossoming items? Will you purchase any of these animals or trees for your farms? Sound off in the comments.