The Sims Social brings on the bistro in Paris Week, teases new feature

The Sims Social Paris Week
Can you say, "oui"? Playfish has unveiled its next weekly content update for The Sims Social, Paris Week. With these three images, it's clear that the developer's top social game will be all about French cuisine this week. Players will get to transform their homes into the next chic French eateries with fancy furniture, posh clothes and, of course, classy cappuccino.
The Sims Social Paris Week 2
A lot, if not all, of the items teased in this week's update have something to do with food. Players will get to build their own display cases and hopefully put their Cooking Skill to the test. There seems to be plenty of desserts to serve, and a few outfits to serve them in, to boot. Of course, it wouldn't be a French-themed update without the obligatory striped shirt and red beret outfit.
The Sims Social Paris Week 3
All in all, the update looks to bring some worldly culture to The Sims Social, along with some good food. But with it Playfish plans to bring something, a brand new feature that it's just teasing at the moment, though we have a pretty good idea of what it is. Teased with what looks like a globe icon centered on Europe and Africa on The Sims Social blog, we guess that it has something to do with adding new friends without being Facebook friends. And could an update like that be more fitting with this week's theme? You're welcome.

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