Here's another ad in The Sims Social that you know you'll watch

The Sims Social energy
The Sims Social energy

Look, just admit it: The Sims Social has you hooked ... on ads. Considering this is the far from the first video advertisement to hit The Sims Social, we're going to guess that they're performing rather nicely for Playfish and EA. This next ad comes from H&R Block, the U.S. tax preparation company. It's a 60-second long video that tugs on the heart strings, touting the company's "2nd Look" offer.

At any rate, we all know you're going to give up one of your many life minutes for the extra energy this ad provides. Players can watch the video once by clicking on the link below the game screen, and will receive one extra energy. Once you're done watching the video, an "Energy Recharge" depicting a tree within a light bulb on its icon will appear in your Backpack.

It's a measly little promotion, but one that you and I both know you won't be able to pass up. Of course, the social games companies know this, and advertising and branding within Facebook games is only going to get more popular. Sure, ads are the kind of thing you'd skip on TV, because there's no incentive to watch. Well, here's all the incentive you'll ever need ... for now.

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