Crosswords by PuzzleSocial: Over 100K served in its first month

crosswords puzzlesocial
crosswords puzzlesocial

PuzzleSocial's Crosswords game on Facebook has hit the 100K monthly player mark, the company announced in a statement today. Crossword puzzles are still few and far between in the social gaming sphere, and it's clear that a portion of this audience is ready to put their wordsmithing skills to the test. Crosswords also seems to be continuing its upward trajectory, according to AppData, logging 120K monthly users today.

When a social game reaches 100K, some say it has officially reached 'critical mass' -- and has a solid chance of survival on the social network. And that may be the case for this game (at least, until Zynga releases its own crossword game and uses its powerful marketing machine to blow this one away).

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