CityVille Spanish Embassy: Everything you need to know

If you've been collecting Passport Stamps as part of the Welcome the World event in CityVille, you can now use those Passport Stamps in the new Spanish Embassy, a building that requires very little effort to build in your city. The base can be placed via the Spanish Embassy goal, and then takes just five energy to construct. You won't need to collect any building materials to finish it off; just spend the five energy and you'll be good to go.

Once you build the Spanish Embassy, you'll be able to use your Passport Stamps to earn six limited edition items. Interestingly, some of these items are those that you can also purchase in the store, so the lineup here is actually pretty disappointing (that is, I personally would've rather seen six entirely new items than some reused from the store). Either way, here's the lineup of prizes, and how many Passport Stamps you'll need to earn them.

Flamenco Dancer - 25 Stamps
Mendoza Mansion - 50 Stamps
Estrada Cottage - 60 Stamps
Club Del Sol - 60 Stamps
Aqueduct of Iberia - 100 Stamps
Delgado Mansion - 200 Stamps

Of course, you can earn more stamps by collecting from your Passport Office, and can also harvest plane or cargo ships for a random chance at receiving even more. The best way to earn them in bulk, however, would be to simply ask your friends to send them to you.

Even if you don't want any of these Spanish items, keep this in mind: the Spanish Embassy's menu has spaces for four additional countries, on top of just the Spanish section. Whether or not these new countries will allow you to use the same pool of saved Passport Stamps remains to be seen, but it's worth collecting a few (dozen) extra if you can, just in case. We'll make sure to bring you all of the details about those additional countries (and hopefully completely new prizes) just as soon as we know more.

What do you think of the lineup of prizes in the Spanish Embassy event? Will you take the time to collect that many Passport Stamps, or will you just purchase some of these available items from the store instead? Sound off in the comments.