Word warriors find wuv in Words With Friends, Zynga says

Words With Friends iPadSo, that crazy, chick flick-esqueWords With Friends story from a while ago might not have been a fluke. "That's, like, hope ... right?" Not so fast, love-hungry word warrior. Zynga surveyed over 100,000 Words With Friends (WWF) players to find out whether or how they find love in the mobile game. And the results are validating, but we doubt eHarmony should be worried at this point.

However, other word games probably should be, unless they can produce similar love stories, like how one in 10 respondents said that Words With Friends has directly led to a hook-up. That's interesting, but here's a weird kind of courtship: A hefty 68 percent said that they would date a person if they beat them in Words With Friends. (So, WWF has become a judge of character? Wonderful.)

According to this infographic provided by Zynga, a considerable 47 percent of respondents said that they have a crush on someone they're playing WWF with right now, while 44 percent have flirted via the game. Overall, an impressive 40 percent said that they would date someone they've met through WWF. Well, there's your hope, folks--just remember the game is mobile, too. (Just never mind the figure that 43 percent of players have cheated on someone in the game.)

Are you a flirty Words With Friends player? What do you think of the chances to find love in casual games? Have you found love in a game? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
Words With Friends infographic
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