House of the Day: Love Nest Boasts Heart-Shaped Hot Tub

A disclaimer: this isn't the usual swanky, million-dollar mansion we feature in our House of the Day series. We know. But, in honor of Valentine's Day, we thought we'd switch it up a little and spice up our predictable daily feature with a little, well, hot tub action. Red, heart-shaped, hot tub action.

Yes lovebirds, this charming home in Bethany, Okla., boasts a bright red, Valentine's Day-ready hot tub in the shape of a Hallmark heart. If we were Realtors, we'd pitch it as "fun, kitschy '70s memorabilia" but honestly, we just think it's freaking awesome.

The next best part? Beside the hot tub is a gigantic mural of a peaceful-looking waterfall. In case you couldn't book a luxury Valentine's Day vacay to bathe under a real waterfall in say, Costa Rica, we think this is the next best thing.

Compared to the box-of-chocolates hot tub and waterfall mural, the rest of the love nest comes across as a little, well, vanilla. But we do love the stone fireplaces, stained glass window and all that luxurious space. The 2,592-square-foot, $264,000 home also features three bedrooms and three bathrooms, and is situated on 1.5 acres.

Monica Shultz of Prudential Alliance Realty has the listing. A tip of the hat to our friends at for finding this "Sims"-inspired pad.

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