Hidden Chronicles: Create your own scene for 250 Estate Cash

If you've been enjoying Hidden Chronicles thus far, but have some ideas of your own for locations that would make great scenes, Zynga wants to hear from you! The developer has launched an in-game contest, asking users to draw, take a picture of, or otherwise create a scene that they would like to see brought to life within Hidden Chronicles, for a chance at winning up to 250 Estate Cash in the process.

The first place entry will receive 250 Estate Cash in their game, but there isn't an actual guarantee that the winning scene will end up in the game. Second and third place prizes are 150 and 75 Estate Cash each, respectively. This contest will be open from now until March 5, giving you plenty of time to put on that thinking cap and come up with the perfect idea! Who knows? Perhaps in a few weeks, we'll all be finding hidden objects in a scene of your creation!

For a complete look at the rules of this contest, check out the official Hidden Chronicles forums. Good luck!

What would you do with 250 Estate Cash? Would you immediately spend it on energy, or would you buy premium decorations for your manor? Sound off in the comments.