Gardens of Time: Celebrate Valentine's Day with limited edition chapter


Just in time for Valentine's Day, a new limited edition chapter has launched in Gardens of Time. This scene was available previously for those in the Inner Circle subscription club, but if you've waited until now to play, you can now unlock this Valentine's Day chapter for just 5 Time Crystals. This chapter sees you tagging along with Lulu as she checks out different wedding ceremonies in various cultures, so prepare for some brightly themed scenes!

When you unlock this Valentine's Day chapter, you'll receive access to three new scenes. The first is an Italian Wedding Preparation, while the second and third scenes are "Korean Wedding Ceremony" and "Honeymoon Send Off." If you master any of these three scenes, you'll receive a free bonus item, and if you completely master all three of the scenes, you'll win a Romantic Cathedral.

If you don't think you'll have enough time to finish these scenes, but still want a free romantic item, make sure to look out for an email from Playdom offering you a free Flower Basket just for playing. You'll have just 13 days to master this entire event, so get started now to have a chance to master all of these scenes and earn all of the prizes in time!

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What do you think of this Gardens of Time Valentine's Day chapter? Do you think you'll have enough time to finish all three chapters in time? Sound off in the comments!