CastleVille Cheats & Tips: Master recipes in the Kitchen


Now that Mia has joined the cast of characters in CastleVille, she has brought with her cooking mastery in the game's Kitchen. This means that you'll be able to continually craft each recipe within the Kitchen (whether old or new) to earn mastery points, eventually unlocking rewards along the way. Note: You'll need to finish the "What a Tart" quest in the Get Cooking quest line before you'll actually unlock crafting recipe in your game.

Once you unlock cooking mastery, you'll see a meter above every recipe within the Kitchen. In the case of the Fertilizer recipe, for instance, you'll need to craft it 10 individual times to reach Level 1 Fertilizer mastery. Each time you master a recipe to a new level, you'll receive prizes, like being able to craft a recipe quicker the next time around. In our Fertilizer example, mastering it to Level 1 will allow you to craft subsequent Fertilizers 10% faster than before.

Each individual recipe has its own mastery meter, and unfortunately, the in-Kitchen menu won't reflect the differences in your crafting times. However, the game will automatically reduce the crafting time on each recipe, and you can see this reflected when hovering over your Kitchens as they're creating items.

As of this writing, the kitchen is the only building that allows for crafting mastery, but we've been told that additional characters will come to the game in the future, allowing you to master recipes in other buildings as well.

[Image Credit: Zynga]

Are you excited about seeing mastery come to other buildings in CastleVille, or do you think the mastery feature even has a place in our kingdoms? Sound off in the comments.