Is your Valentine hiding in Bigpoint's 250 million players? [Infographic]

Bigpoint Valentine's Day infographicAn impressive 250 million people have registered to play German online game maker Bigpoint's games. With those kind of odds, you'd be hard pressed not to find a Valentine in there. That's at least if you ask Bigpoint, which released a fun Valentine's Day-themed infographic to show off a bit with statistics like four new players join Bigpoint every second.

What's interesting, however, are the gender splits between the U.S. and Europe. If U.S. Bigpoint dudes are looking for a date through its games, they might be out of luck: Guys outnumber girls 19 to one in Bigpoint's sci-fi shooter Dark Orbit. However, there are three women for every man in Farmerama. Overall, men are the dominant demographic for Bigpoint in the U.S, while women outnumber men in countries like Denmark.

Overall, there isn't much data here that pertains to Valentine's Day, but rather numbers to show off how awesome Bigpoint is. However, Bigpoint does win bonus points for a sense of humor. The infographic asks, "Looking for a date? Farmerama players plant 180,000 date trees each month!" Get it? Whatever, I thought it was cute.

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Bigpoint Valentine's Day Edition infographic
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