Angry Birds' Rovio possibly offered around $2 billion, but from who?

CNN Money Angry Birds
CNN Money Angry Birds

It's Valentine's Day. Do you know what that means? A.) You better have remembered your gifts and B.) that Angry Birds is on Facebook. To make it known to all, Rovio's CMO Peter Vesterbacka spoke with CNN Money. According to Vesterbacka, the game is largely the same as it is on mobile devices, but has improved graphics. (Don't forget the power-ups!)

Of course, being on a money news outlet, Vesterbacka was asked several questions surrounding Rovio's rumored initial public offering (IPO) and just how much has the company been offered in an acquisition attempt. If you remember from before Zynga's IPO, it was reported in The New York Times that the Finnish developer was offered about $2.25 billion from Zynga, which it turned down.

The Rovio executive doesn't completely refute the rumor, however, admitting that, yes, Rovio has been offered somewhere near that reported number. Of course, Vesterbacka won't tell just who the would-be purchaser was. Just know this: Angry Birds is worth a lot of money, and is set to be worth a lot more depending on whether this Facebook game sticks. (C'mon, it's Angry Birds. You're probably playing it right now.)

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