Angry Birds soars on Facebook with a surprisingly superior serialization

Angry Birds Facebook
Angry Birds Facebook

Today is the day that not only millions of couples celebrate their love, but millions of social gamers celebrate the ubiquitous, the venerable, the angry. Rovio has launched Angry Birds on Facebook as of today, Valentine's Day, and it's about everything you'd expect an Angry Birds to be on Facebook, aside from a few key differences.

Because games on Facebook are free-to-play, Rovio had to think of another way for Angry Birds to generate cash on Facebook. Enter power-ups, enhancements that players can collect over time or buy outright using Facebook Credits to up their game. Speaking of which, Angry Birds on Facebook takes a lot of cues from the Blitz series of games by PopCap and other developers. This means leaderboards and other forms of ranking are all present.

Take "crowns", for instance. Each level features a bronze, silver and gold crown that only one friend can hold at a time. You can already see where this is going, right? Angry Birds is one of the most polished, smooth Facebook games we've seen to date with some interesting multiplayer components, to boot.

We can easily see ourselves getting hooked on this version just as much as we did through our iPhones. (And since the Google+ version hasn't been given the same treatment, this could easily become the definitive Angry Birds on browsers.) Considering the Angry Birds Facebook page has over 15 million fans, CityVille and The Sims Social might want to watch out.

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