This Valentine's Day: Would you choose sex or social media?

A new survey says that moms would rather give up .... wait for it ... Facebook for Valentine's Day. Seventy-six percent of the roughly 800 respondents to a poll say they'd rather get cozy in the bedroom than make connections over social media.

That's just a fictional scenario, of course, and survey participants say they still plan to use social media to wish friends and family a Happy V-Day on Facebook and Twitter (37 %), mention the holiday in a blog post or status update (28%) and check out Pinterest for romantic inspiration and ideas (20%).

Another fun, but not too surprising, finding culled from the survey: A majority of the respondents wanted a romantic night on the town with their partners (57%), rather than a Apple iPad (28%) or Kindle Fire (12%).

Just goes to show -- as popular as socializing over Facebook, Twitter and other outlets might be -- there's still nothing quite like the real thing.

> Social Media Moms Choose Sex Over Facebook This Valentine's Day [Yahoo! Finance]

Image credit:Someecards

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