First Snooki, now The Situation fist pumps his way into video games

The Situation
The Situation

At least that's how we imagine dudes on Jersey Shore get things done. Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has signed a deal with the New Jersey-based Apps Genius to create games and apps based on his personal brand. Whatever that may be. That's right, now we'll soon see Facebook games like Snooki's Match Game and iPhone games like Snookify Me.

"This is a great opportunity for my company and I to be involved in the social gaming and mobile application industry," said Sorrentino said in a release. "Not only am I very proud to introduce Jersey culture into the social gaming and mobile application industry, but also very excited that my family is a part of it too. I love the games and applications that my family and I have been working on with Apps Genius, and I know Jersey Shore viewers and my other fans will love them too."

According to, four games and apps will be created in the next 18 months with development on the first project to begin immediately. One of these games is kind of required to have fist pumping, no?

[Via Kotaku]

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