The Sims Social: Pick up SimCash for 40% off this Valentine's Day


Still looking for a last-minute present for that special someone in your life this Valentine's Day? Does that special someone also play the Sims Social on Facebook? You have just been saved, as EA / Playfish has placed SimCash on sale for the Valentine's Day holiday, giving you a chance to purchase SimCash bundles for 40% off the regular price.

To put this into perspective, you can now purchase the most expensive SimCash package, which normally costs $100, for $60. You'll receive 900 SimCash in the process. On the other side of that token, you can spend just $1.20 to receive 12 SimCash, if there happens to be a cheap item in the store that you just can't pass up. Here's a complete look at the five SimCash packages that are on sale:

900 SimCash - normally $100 - now $60
320 SimCash - normally $40 - now $24
150 SimCash - normally $20 - now $12
55 SimCash - normally $8 - now $4.80
12 SimCash - normally $2 - now $1.20

This offer will expire on February 16, so you'll have a few days after Valentine's Day to actually take advantage of the sale. Just remember to shop a bit sooner, rather than later, so that you won't miss out entirely.

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Will you purchase SimCash during this 40% off sale? Which package will you splurge on? Sound off in the comments.