The Queen Is Hiring A Servant To Run Guests' Baths

Queen Elizabeth personal assistantThe Royal Family is hiring again, this time for a housekeeping assistant to work, and live, at Buckingham Palace. The position's responsibilities include cleaning bedrooms and bathrooms, the upkeep of objets d'art, and running baths, according to the job description posted on the Royal Family's website. For these toils, the housekeeper will be compensated 14,200 pounds a year, or $22,000.

It seems that guests of Buckingham Palace aren't a wholly self-sufficient bunch. The housekeeper will not only have to fill up their bathtubs, but must also pack, unpack, press and prepare their clothes, take care of their jewelry, arrange for the service of their tea, and assist in dressing them ("if required").

The housekeeper will have to perform conventional cleaning tasks, although most likely not in all 775 of the palace's rooms. There are also some distinctly royal tasks, like the "guiding of guests at functions" and cleaning "internal glass" and "silver and brass items." Perhaps the gold is left for the Housekeeping Supervisor.

And while the salary isn't so immense, the perks are pretty good. Food and accommodation are provided -- although the salary is adjusted accordingly. The job-holder must also be willing to spend approximately three months of the year away from London, most likely at other royal estates, like Balmoral and Sandringham. And the job descriptions promises "contact with Members of the Royal Family." If these members are capitalized, they're probably important.

Monday is the last day for applications, so if you have "a friendly, polite approachable disposition," it's time to refresh that resume. And of course, don't apply if you lack "the ability to be discrete and maintain confidentiality."

Water Works - 02/13/12

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