Hidden Haunts goes hunting for hidden objects on Facebook

Hidden Haunts
Hidden Haunts

Rupert Murdoch's News Corp is in the social games war now, didn't you hear? Anyway, the company's gaming division, Making Fun, has launched its first Facebook game today, Hidden Haunts. It looks about what you'd expect from a hidden object game. Well, aside from the characters with abnormally large heads and and equally large eyes.

"These games have been successful and confirmed our thesis," Making Fun CEO John Welch told VentureBeat. "We knew we had to get to market quickly or else there would be 20 of these games out there." So, Hidden Haunts is Making Fun's answer to the trend, a hidden-object game with enhanced, photo-realistic scenes. That's what Making Fun hopes will differentiate Hidden Haunts from other hidden-object games.

"We shot the photographs on location and added about a third of the objects in post production," Welch told VentureBeat. "In one scene with a kitchen, there was a real turkey. After taking the photo, the team ate the turkey. We get a better sense of realism that balances lighting and place. It looks more natural. It's a very complicated process, but one that results in higher quality. It's like watching sports in high definition. Once you see this, you can't go back."

Hidden Haunts is firmly situated to compete with the likes of Hidden Chronicles and Gardens of Time, both of which welcome millions of daily players. Is there room for another in the ring, enhanced environments or not? See for yourself in the game now.

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