Go Fishing (not the card game) on the iPad today, thanks to Go Games

Go Fishing on iPad
Go Fishing on iPad

Though, if it were the card game, we might have been more excited. Alas, Go Games has unleashed Go Fishing, its fishing Facebook game of the same name, on iPad today. The game allows players to experience whatever thrill there is in fishing right within their iPad. Players will digitally fish in the best spots around the globe and complete multi-level quests to improve.

Go Fishing touts realistic graphics, animations and sounds to create a "real fishing ambiance," according to a release. The game will also offer real-time multiplayer tournaments as well as leaderboards for the competitive players. Of course, Go Fishing has Facebook Connect loaded in, as well as hundreds of fish, tackle and bait options.

If you're one of those guys or gals that covers their 6-foot pickup truck with fishing stickers, then this free-to-play game is certainly worth a shot. Judging by how early screen shots look and how its descriptions sound, the mobile version of Go Fishing doesn't seem terribly different from its predecessor, and most social fishing games around, at that. But if you're looking for a new scratch for that fishing itch however brief, this looks like a fine alternative.

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