FarmVille: Expand your Winter Wonderland for coins

I hope you've been saving up your coins, farmers, as four new land expansions are now available for coins in FarmVille's Winter Wonderland. With these expansions, you can expand your farm from the 22x22 level to the 28x28 level, all for coins. Here's a complete rundown of these four expansions.

Snowy Home - 22x22
Price: 500,000 coins

Icy Abode - 24x24
Price: 700,000 coins

Arctic Acres - 26x26
Price: 900,000 coins

Frosty Fields - 28x28
Price: 1.1 million coins

Of course, you can still purchase all four of these expansions (and those beyond the 28x28 size) with Farm Cash, but if you have enough coins on hand, why not splurge on these four expansions and unlock some additional snow treasures in the process? There's no time limit on these expansions, so if you don't have enough coins in your account right now, just keep saving up and expand whenever you can. We'll make sure to let you know when the three final Winter Wonderland expansions finally launch for coins.

Will you immediately expand your Winter Wonderland to these four new sizes? Sound off in the comments.