FarmVille Anti-Valentine's Day Items: Dark Willow Tree, Black Rose Arch and more

With Valentine's Day being just a few days away, if you're still missing the warm and cozy feelings often associated with the holiday, you can continue to purchase Anti-Valentine's Day items in the FarmVille marketplace. There are new trees, animals and more available for purchase this evening, and as usual, we're here with a complete look at these items for your browsing pleasure.


Dark Willow Tree - 8 Farm Cash
Giant Dark Willow Tree - 14 Farm Cash


Single Donkey - 16 Farm Cash
Black Cherry Pony - 24 Farm Cash


Black Rose Arch (re-released item) - 10,000 coins
Black Flower - 8 Farm Cash

Unfortunately, there still aren't as many items in this Anti-Valentine's Day theme as there are in the traditional Valentine's Day theme, but what is available will remain so for the next two weeks. We've also seen some arguably Anti-Valentine's Day items release in this week's Mystery Game, so make sure to check that out as well.

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What do you think of these Anti-Valentine's Day items? Do you like them more than the traditional Valentine's Day items, or do you think both sets of items are equally lovely? Sound off in the comments.