Hasbro working on Cut The Rope toys, just like it is with FarmVille

Cut The Rope toys
Cut The Rope toys

Cut The Rope might not be on the same level as FarmVille and Angry Birds when it comes exposure and visibility, but don't even try to say that when comparing their cunning, addictive qualities. ZeptoLab's Cut The Rope has addictive play hooks in spades, but it does need to work on that visibility thing. Enter Hasbro, Mattel, JAKKS Pacific and LF USA: the four companies that ZeptoLab announcement partnerships with at today's Toy Fair in New York City.

The deal is similar to what Zynga has signed with Hasbro, and equally an effort to improve visibility while making some coin in the process. "We're looking beyond where things are in the moment," ZeptoLab executive chairman Misha Lyalin told VentureBeat. "We have 100 million downloads now, but this is the beginning of where we are going to go."

Om Nom, Cut The Rope's protagonist, will be all over Mattel toys with Cut The Rope branding, one of which will use Mattel's Apptivity technology to read the movements of toys on an iPad with a matching app. Hasbro, however, is working on On Nom-branded board games, while JAKKS Pacific will dole out special Cut The Rope game controllers and lounge wear will come from LF USA this fall. Let's hope one of these toys involves cutting rope, eh?

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