CityVille Super Greenhouse Goals: Everything you need to know

Since the Super Greenhouse has finally started rolling out to large groups of players in CityVille, you can now also start working on three Super Greenhouse goals that go along with this limited edition building. For the next eight days, you can complete these three goals, which will see you building a Super Greenhouse from beginning to end, along with planting a lot of crops along the way (as you might expect).

Super Greenhouse!

  • Place and Complete a Super Greenhouse

  • Harvest 20 Carrots

  • Collect from a Level 3 Food Court three times

Unfortunately, this goal requires you to have put in quite a bit of work on your Food Court beforehand. You can check out our guide to building a Food Court, which functions like a Neighborhood, right here. When you finish this goal, you'll receive 100 XP and 6 energy as your prizes.

More Super Powers!

  • Have at least 2 Super Greenhouses

  • Harvest 5 Level 2 Super Greenhouses

  • Collect from a City Works 3

While you need to have two Super Greenhouses for this goal, you only have to have one upgraded to Level 2. You can simply collect from that Level 2 Greenhouse five times to finish the second task. Since the Super Greenhouse can plant any single crop in the game, you can easily plant a crop with a short growth-time to quickly finish off this goal. You'll receive 150 XP and 6 energy when you do.

Get the Green Light!

  • Have 2 Level 3 Super Greenhouses

  • Harvest a Level 3 Super Greenhouse 10 Times

  • Raise your Population by 5,000

If you plan on working through all three of these goals, and you've kept track of these requirements beforehand, you'll want to store 5,000 citizens' "worth" of homes before this goal starts. That is, when you start the goal, you'll be able to pull those buildings back out of storage for the game to register them as being new population. This has worked in goals and features in the past, but it very well may not work now. Your mileage may vary. If you can finish this third goal, you'll receive a Level 3 Red Barn, which saves you the trouble of upgrading an original Red Barn yourself. It allows for storage of up to 4,150 Goods.

These goals are definitely time consuming and require you to have put in a lot of work before even starting. Being that they're only available for a limited time, this is really a trio that you'll want to examine before diving in, especially if you've yet to start building a Food Court in your city. Good luck with whatever you decide!

[Via CityVille Wiki]

Will you try to finish these Super Greenhouse goals in CityVille, or are they just too difficult for the prizes you'll receive for completing them? Sound off in the comments.