CastleVille: Add a Royal Spa, Clocktower and more to your Kingdom


While themed item updates in CastleVille are nothing new, three new "Royal" buildings have been added to the game's store, giving you a chance to earn plenty of Castle Level points along the way. Here's a rundown of the three new buildings.

Royal Spa

  • Costs: 85,000 coins

  • Castle Level Points: 250

  • Profits: 2,150 coins per collection

Clock Tower

  • Costs: 130,000 coins

  • Castle Level Points: 290

  • Profits: 500 coins per collection


  • Costs: 500,000 coins

  • Castle Level Points: 450

  • Profits: 3,550 coins per collection

You'll need to be at least Level 30 in the game, if you'd like to instantly be able to purchase these three buildings, so keep completing quests and helping your friends until you can eventually unlock and afford them all!

What do you think of these three new Royal buildings? Will you save the coins to unlock all three, or are you more of a quest-centric player in CastleVille? Sound off in the comments.