Arkadium celebrates Valentine's Day in Mahjongg Dimensions

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Arkadium is looking to spread the love and cheer in its Mahjongg Dimensions on Facebook by releasing a new collection filled with chocolates that you can earn by playing the game. You'll need to collect 12 chocolates in all, and by completing the collection, you'll receive a Heart of Gold boost, an exclusive, limited edition VIP boost that will help you perform better the next time you play the game.

In addition, users can send their friends' Mystery Boxes to help fill out those chocolate collections, but you can only send one each day, so you'll want to send as many as possible to give your friends that much more of a chance of completing their own collections.

Speaking of Valentine's Day, Arkadium also surveyed almost 100 Mahjongg Dimensions players and found that 70% would rather give a gift for Valentine's Day, instead or receiving one. Furthermore, 19% of players would prefer to receive a "weekend away" as a gift, while 29% would want that powerful boost in Mahjongg Dimensions. Only 1% wanted chocolates. If you're one that would prefer to give a gift, make sure to help you friends complete their Mahjongg Dimensions chocolate collections while there's still time!

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Are you working on completing your chocolate collection in Mahjongg Dimensions? If you already received the Heart of Gold boost, how did it affect your game? Sound off in the comments.

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