CityVille Storage Facility: Everything you need to know

While Goods storage is one of the biggest battles you'll need to face in CityVille (that is, always having enough storage to store the Goods needed to keep your businesses constantly in operation), there's only so much land you can actually dedicate to having storage buildings to hold those Goods. And while the recently released Storage Building Upgrades are nice, allowing you to store much more in the same amount of space, that's still not a permanent solution to the problem. In comes the Storage Facility, an upcoming feature to CityVille that will soon start rolling out to users. Note: As of this writing, this Storage Facility is unreleased, so any details from here on in could be changed before it actually launches.

It looks like the construction of the Storage Facility will first require 10 energy and then 25 building materials to complete. As of right now, you'll need to collect the following:

  • 5 Warehouse Lights

  • 5 Shipping Palettes

  • 5 Shelves

  • 5 Locks

  • 5 Cargo Forklifts

When you complete this step, you'll be given an initial capacity of two storage buildings. From here, the feature takes on features like that of a Neighborhood, in that you'll need to ask staff members to help you unlock the next three spots. Once you've done that, you'll have a total of five storage slots on the Level 1 Storage Facility.

Also like in a Neighborhood, you can expand your Storage Facility using additional parts and additional staff members. Level 2 requires eight each of the items listed above, and gives you only one free storage slot by default. You'll need to ask four more friends to unlock up to 10 total storage slots for buildings.

Finally, Level 3 requires 12 each of Step Ladders, Shipping Docks, Storage Barrels, Work Gloves and Crowbars. You won't receive a free slot here, so you'll be left asking five friends to help you unlock the entire level's storage capacity, bringing your grand total of available storage to 15 individual buildings. If you don't have that many buildings, then of course you can purchase some more and immediately store them, but if 15 is too few a number, it looks like you can purchase more than one (and complete the same upgrade steps) until your individual needs are met.

As of this writing, an individual Storage Facility will cost 200,000 coins to purchase, and will take up a 5x5 space on your land. Still, for all of the storage it looks to allow, that's definitely a space I'm willing to sacrifice to save in the long run. Won't you?

[Via and Image Credit: CityVille Wiki]

What do you think of the upcoming Storage Facility in CityVille? Will you need to purchase more than one to store all of your Goods Storage Buildings, or will one be enough based on what you currently own? Sound off in the comments.