CityVille Valentine's Day Hot Air Balloon: Everything you need to know

As part of CityVille's Valentine's Day event, you can now expand your land to receive a "free" Hot Air Balloon for your troubles. That's right, another forced expansion goal has launched in the game, requiring you to expand your land twice to receive this exclusive new items (the exact land expansions, and how many are required, may vary between players).

The Hot Air Balloon comes with a goal called the Perfect Date Idea, which has three tasks:

  • Ask friends for 25 Propane Tanks

  • Collect from Level 3 Weather Station 5 Times

  • Expand to the Hot Air Balloon

Even though you'll go through the same process of expanding your land as usual (collect Zoning Permits and add new citizens to your land), you'll be able to place the Hot Air Balloon wherever you'd like after you complete this goal as a whole. It will simply pop into your inventory, where you can use it like any other item. What you'll end up doing with those new land expansions you were forced to purchase to reach it, however, is all up to you.

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Will you go out of your way to expand out to the Hot Air Balloon in CityVille, or will you simply continue playing and expanding your game as normal? Sound off in the comments.