CityVille: Receive 30% more City Cash for Valentine's Day

As part of CityVille's Valentine's Day extravaganza, you can now earn a bonus on all Zynga Game Cards you redeem in the game. From now until February 14 (Valentine's Day proper), each Zynga Game Card or eCard redeemed into CityVille will give you 30% extra City Cash.

Be wary of Zynga's terminology here however. While it may say you're receiving a 30% sale on your City Cash purchase, all of the money you spent on a Game Card will be redeemed. You'll simply receive a bonus of 30% extra City Cash for your time. That is, if you redeemed a cad worth $10, it would be as though your card was worth $13 instead.

Remember, this sale will only last for a limited time, and is likely to be joined by similar sales in other games. Keep an eye on all of your favorite Zynga games this weekend and until Valentine's Day itself to make sure you don't miss out on a great deal or bonus!

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What do you think of this City Cash bonus? Will you purchase a Zynga Game Card to receive the 30% extra City Cash this week? Sound off in the comments.