CityVille: Add Valentine's Day cars to your roads

You might remember Dr. Shepard and Louise in CityVille - the the doctor and teacher that met and got married in your city. Now, Dr. Shepard is looking for the best gift he can find for Louise, and that apparently comes in the form of some Valentine's Day themed cards that you can add to your city.

There are four new cars that you can create in your Custom Car Shop: VIP Limo, Lazzari (sports car), Coaster (convertible) and Pink CV Bus. As you might expect, they all require you to collect various building materials before you'll actually see them driving around your town's roads. The CV Bus, for instance, requires you to collect five Car Radios and five Antenna Ornaments, along with six each of Decals, Custom Paint Jobs and Vanity Plates. The first two items come from asking your friends to send them to you, while the latter three are earned at random when collecting from cars already driving around your city's streets.

There doesn't appear to be a time limit for how long you have to build these cars, so feel free to put off working on them until your plate is a bit emptier with in-game goals.

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