CastleVille: Win 200 Crowns in St. Patrick's Day contest

While St. Patrick's Day is still a ways off on the horizon, Zynga is already preparing for the holiday in CastleVille by offering a contest on the game's official forums. The contest asks you to create a design for either a Cow or Avatar Costume with St. Patrick's Day being the theme.

The CastleVille team will pick the top three entries (there's no guarantee how many of which item - a cow or avatar costume - will be chosen), and the player base will be able to choose the ultimate winner via a simple survey. The winning item will be created in the game, and the creator will receive 200 Crowns, along with that item for free, as a prize. Two other players will receive 40 Crowns each at random.

The great part about this contest, though, is the fact that Zynga is reserving the right to create more of these items in the game than the actual winning entrant. Who knows? If the community is creative enough, we might see the entire St. Patrick's Day theme being comprised of items created by the community! Sure, that's a long shot, but for each item created in the game, the creator will receive 150 Crowns for free.

It will be interesting to see just how many user-designed items actually appear in the game this St. Patrick's Day, so good luck in having your design end up in the game!

[Image Credit: Zynga]

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