Does Zynga plan to go head-to-head with Angry Birds on mobile?

Zynga Angry Birds
Zynga Angry Birds

This is jumping the gun, perhaps, but where else would Zynga aim with expressed interest in that corner of the mobile gaming world? Zynga has made it known that its mission is to enter established game genres and be the best in those categories, and, at this point, Finnish game maker Rovio's Angry Birds is basically its own category in the iPhone and Android gaming spaces.

"We're excited about the physics category," Zynga Mobile SVP Travis Boatman said to Inside Mobile Apps (IMA). "We want to do broad, mass-market social games. There might be games that perform well on the charts, but if they don't have enough reach, we'll forgo them for games that are more mass market."

It's possible that Zynga is working on a physics-based iPhone game with mass market appeal. Where else that leave the developer's target audience than the average Angry Birds player? Despite the recent string of copycat allegations made against Zynga (some of which seem to check out), this does not suggest that might be the case with whatever Zynga might be working on in this category. Boatman shoos away those claims altogether.

"These games are free and our players have the choice to play what they want to play," Boatman said to IMA. "If games were too similar to consumers and there was no clear value add, why would a consumer play it?" Though, Zynga did reportedly try to buy Rovio for a pretty penny and was denied, and NimbleBit tells a similar story.

Are you excited to learn that Zynga might have a physics-based game in the works? How do you think it will do, if Zynga really will go directly against Angry Birds? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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