Watch a New York subway transform into Super Mario Land [Video]

Super Mario Super Star
Super Mario Super Star

Ah, the power of music. At times, it truly can take your mind elsewhere, and only the best video games tunes do it well. You know, like the many creative and catchy tunes of Super Mario Brothers. From the "doo doo doop, doo doop de doop" to the "dunna dunna dunna" of Mario's first adventure on a Nintendo system in 1985 to its empowering Super Star tune, this guitar and bass duo nail it all.

And they manage to irritate an entire car on Manhattan's uptown R train in the process. We say "manage," because with skills like these used to play some of gaming's greatest music, we simply don't understand how anyone would resist the urge to throw their money at them so they can make that EP already. Enjoy your Friday after it's been taken hostage by the infectiously catchy tunes of composer Koji Kondo's most famous work.

[Via Kotaku]

Are you still a fan of the original Super Mario after nearly 27 years? Admit it, you listen to retro game music all the time, don't you? Please tell us we're not the only ones in the comments. Add Comment.

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