Skyfall on Android is filled with spells, social features and strategy [Video]


Ngmoco isn't just bringing in some of the top mobile games to fill out the portfolio of games on Mobage. No, it's developing its own, too, one of which is Skyfall for Android phones. And while we were granted a preview of the game during last year's E3, this year ngmoco has much more to show, like the game in action with its turn-based combat system and Mobage-fueled social features.

Players will explore the world of Skyfall in almost real time. Adventurers will be able to interact with their friends while inside villages across the world physically. Player can then view each others' profiles, invite them to help you out with quests. The battle system is turn-based, but offers a bit of interactivity with the chance for critical hits and dodges through touching the screen. Let's just say Android gamers should be very happy. Well, at least the Lord of the Rings fans out there.

Click here to download Skyfall's open beta on Android Now >

[Via PocketGamer]

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