Google's wary of turning Google+ into a digital cow market with games

Google+ Games
Google+ Games

There's a very deliberate reason why games exist in their own little corner of Google+, you know. During the Inside Social Apps in San Francsico, Google+ engineering director David Glazer made just that known to a room of folks in the social gaming industry. "We've seen communities ruined by games," Glazer said, according to VentureBeat. "How do we find that balance between people who are interested in games... without having the problem of more spam?"

It's an important question to ask, especially considering Facebook had to face that question when it turned into a problem, and somewhat suffered for it. While Facebook scrambles to fix its mistakes with a whole team of engineers dedicated to games on the network, Google looks to nip that issue in the bud before it has a chance to harm any potential perception of the network. Sure, that means Google+ is moving at a snail's pace in the games world, but Glazer thinks it better that way.

"We saw equal amounts of anticipation and... people who hoped we never allowed games on Google+," Glazer said on a stage with Facebook product manager Carl Sjogreen. "It's critically important to us that games are successful... There are some people who would find their Timeline incomplete without a lot of games activity," Sjogreen said.

However, as for whether games for Google+ will always be segregated to their own little world, Glazer says don't count it out just yet, though the company's main concern is the user: "Always is a big word. Maybe. It will always be distributed in a way that respects the entire community."

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