FarmVille Tunnel of Love: Everything you need to know


Helping to bring the feelings of love and romance to FarmVille is the new Tunnel of Love, a feature that will have you helping three animal couples on your farm through the Tunnel of Love. The first is the Giraffe Couple, while the Peacock and Bear Couples follow after.

To be specific, you'll have three days to finish with the Giraffe Couple, which requires you to have five friends help out along the way. You'll be able to send out individual requests to your neighbors to have them help you out, or you can just purchase the help with Farm Cash. You'll receive a Giraffe baby for helping them out. The same can be said for the other two couples: you'll need to ask more and more friends for help, and will receive a Peacock baby and a Bear baby when you've helped those final two couples.

This feature is incredibly similar to the Penguin feature back during the Christmas event, so if you participated then, you'll be able to get through this just fine. Good luck earning all of the animals in time!

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