FarmVille Fortune Wheel: Spin the wheel for discounts or free items

Are you feeling lucky? A new Fortune Wheel feature in FarmVille will give you a chance to test that luck through a slot machine mechanic. When you login to the game, you'll see the Fortune Machine on the right side of your gameplay area, and can click on it to see how many free spins you've received.

Just hit the big green Spin button and you'll see the wheels begin to turn. The items can be anything from animals and trees to experience point boosts and more, but that's not the important part here. The thing to look out for is the fourth screen at the far side of the wheel. This one rotates through various Farm Cash discount percentages (including a "Free" marker). Whatever it lands on when you spin the wheel will be the discount you'll receive on the three prizes that are up for grabs on each spin. For instance, you may spin the wheel to receive a Camel, Chrome Cherry Tree and Experience Point boost at a 25% off discount - all three items would then cost 34 Farm Cash, instead of their normal combined price of 45 Farm Cash.

If you like this discount, you'll need to take advantage of it immediately, as spinning the wheel another time will eliminate the three prizes (unless they happen to spin around again at random), and could change the discount percentage.

While you can feel free to stop playing with the Fortune Wheel entirely after you've run out of free spins, you can also use coins - yes, coins - to keep spinning the wheel after that. A single spin looks to cost 15,000 coins, as of this writing (coins are spent as soon as you click the Buy button, so make sure you really want another spin before clicking). It also looks like you'll only have a single chance at playing on the Fortune Wheel, as refreshing the game causes it to disappear. This could end up being a weekly event, or even a daily one, but for now, you'll just need to keep an eye out on the right side of your farm to see when (if ever) the Fortune Wheel will come back around. Good luck winning some great items!

What do you think of the Fortune Wheel in FarmVille? What sorts of discounts or prizes have you won through the Fortune Wheel? Sound off in the comments.