Empires & Allies Mystery Units: Everything you need to know

On top of the many units you've already created in your Empires & Allies army, wouldn't it be great to receive even more units for free, by simply playing the game? Well, now you can purchase land expansions outside of your empire in order to receive Mystery Units along the way.

These Mystery Units will appear as shadows out in the water or land of islands outside of your currently owned empire. Unfortunately, the only way to figure out what these units are before you actually expand out to it will be to build the Surveillance Tower in your empire. This building will then do "scanner sweeps" around your empire to figure out what these units are. There's a time limit on units, so you'll need to expand within a week to get to this first wave of items.

Remember, just because the shadow of the unit looks like one particular kind of item, it could wind up being something altogether different. The only way you'll know is to either use the Surveillance Tower or simply expand out to the unit and receive it as normal. New units will appear each week, with there always being three available on your board at any one time. Good luck receiving the kinds of units you want!

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What do you think of this new Mystery Units feature in Empires & Allies? Will you expand your land into these areas to unlock new units, or will you stick with creating units or just purchasing them from the store? Sound off in the comments.