The Sims Social Love is in the Air Quest: How to finish it fast

The Sims Social Valentine's Week
The Sims Social Valentine's Week

If you don't know what's coming next week, we feel very sorry for your significant other. It's Valentine's Day, silly, and The Sims Social knows where it's at. Developer Playfish has released its obligatory theme for the Hallmark lovely holiday, and with it comes a brand new Skill items, the Amour Edition Typewriter, the Amour Edition Stove and the Amour Dinner for Two. More importantly, however, is that a new quest is available for players to complete in The Sims Social: Love is in the Air.

This five-step quest is relatively simple to complete, but scales in difficulty right around the final two task. Regardless, you'll want to tackle this quest, as a free Amour Stuffed Unicorn awaits those who finish it, which normally goes for 39 SimCash. For Love is in the Air, you'll need 12 Love, 10 Fruit, 15 Soapsuds, at least eight friends and a Skill item. On to how to best finish this quest:

Love is in the Air Part 1

  • Become Inspired

  • Ask 1 Friend for Valentine's Card

To become inspired, simply fulfill all of your Sim's needs. When they're all a deep, bright green, you'll know. Then, post to your Facebook Wall through the quest window to fulfill this second requirement.

The Sims Social LoveBot
The Sims Social Amour Edition Stove
The Sims Social Amour Edition Dinner for Two

Love is in the Air Part 2

  • Have 12 Love

  • Check Social Networks 3 Times

  • Ask 5 Sims if They are Single

Love comes from flirting with fellow Sims, though players can ask for it from friends directly, too. To check Social Networks, you can click on your friends' computers and choose the relevant option as well as your own. Asking five Sims if they're single is as simple as visiting neighbors, clicking on them, and choosing the option.

Love is in the Air Part 3

  • Reprogram LoveBot 3 Times

  • Phone Littlehaven FM 3 Times

  • Carve Eugene in 7 Beds

Bella has a LoveBot in her house, so visit her, click on her LoveBot and choose the relevant option three times. Players can "Phone Littlehaven FM 3" on either their own phone or their friends' phones. The final task requires players to "Carve Eugene" into seven different beds, not one bed seven times, hence the need for so many friends.

The Sims Social Cupids Arrow
The Sims Social Amour Water Bed
The Sims Social Amour Edition Typewriter

Love is in the Air Part 4

  • Have 10 Fruits

  • Harvest 8 Watermelon

  • Have 15 Soapsuds

The only way to get 10 Fruit is to ask friends directly, which we imagine can be done through the quest window. Harvesting eight Watermelon will cost a total of 152 Simoleons and take a long 12 hours. Soapsuds can only be found through friends, so ask them for the items through the quest window.

Love is in the Air Part 5

  • Ask 8 Friends Over

  • Earn 500 Simoleons from Skills

  • Mail Bottles of Aphrodisiac to Eugene

To Ask Friends Over, simply hover a friend's player icon on the friend bar lining the bottom of the screen and choose "Invite Over." You can use any old Skill item to earn the 500 Simoleons. To mail Bottles of Aphrodisiac to Eugene, simply click on your Mailbox and the relevant option. However, completing this task will take 24 hours. Finally, the Amour Stuffed Unicorn is yours.

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