Tenn. Teacher Resigns After Video Shows Her Students Playing Violent Game

Mt. Juliet High School teacher resigns violenceA Tennessee teacher who resigned after video of her students participating in a hitting contest was posted on a popular video-sharing website says the split-second incident has ruined her career.

School officials confronted Mount Juliet High School teacher Kim Evans after video of one student slapping another during her Spanish class was posted on YouTube last week, The (Nashville) Tennessean reports.

"It's just something that happened in five seconds that ruined my career here," says Evans, who was suspended two days after the Feb. 1 incident and subsequently resigned. Evans said that she chose to quit rather than face possible termination.

The incident involved two boys who made a bet over a toy, and the loser agreed to be slapped by the other, according to the teacher. The YouTube video has been removed by the students who posted it, but the school made a copy, the newspaper says.

School officials who saw the video described conduct more serious among students than a spontaneous slapping, says school board member Vikki Adkins. She stood by the decision to accept Evans' resignation, despite protests by students who expressed sadness over the teacher's departure via Twitter.

Another news report also suggests that the student received more than a mere slap. Nashville TV station WSMV says the boys were involved in a game called "Take It Like a Man," which involves punching someone as hard as possible and resulted in the recipient getting a "busted lip."

Further, the news report says that 10 students in total were suspended for up to three days for either participating in the game or using their cellphones in class to record the incident. School policy bars unauthorized use of cellphones in the classroom.

The Tennessean notes that last week's incident wasn't the first time that Evans had caught the attention of the Wilson County Board of Education.

During an annual evaluation last year, Evans' performance was rated "unsatisfactory" by her principal, who cited her failure to properly manage her classroom.

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