The Sims Social: Ask friends over for a visit

As many quests in the Sims Social often ask you to complete tasks with other Sims, whether that be dancing or watching TV together, or simply engaging them in a specific kind of conversation, doing that has just become a bit easier, as you can now ask your friends' Sims over to your in-game home to complete these tasks using items already in your own Sim's home.

To do this, you'll simply hover over a Sim's picture in your friends list and then click on "Ask Over." In a few seconds, the Sim will immediately appear in your game, outside your Sim's front door. From there, you can click on your own Sofas, Stereos and more to see new tasks like "Dance Together" or "Watch TV Together" appear. You can also talk to these friends' Sims, but all of these tasks will spend your own energy, rather than bonus energy you would have had if you had visited these friends on your own.

Will this be a game changer for the Sims Social? It doesn't really seem like it, but it does offer a bit more convenience for those players who might not like visiting specific friends because their homes are so large (and therefore take a long time to load).

Will you use this new feature to ask friends' Sims over to your home to play? Sound off in the comments.