MapleStory Adventures' V-Day update turns aphrodisiacs into monsters

MapleStory Adventures Valentines' DayNexon's getting all mushy (and a little creepy) with its next major content update for MapleStory Adventures on Facebook. Now available in game, the Valentine's Day update brings a brand new Level 25 dungeon titled "Mr. Oyster Bed." (Get it?) Players who slay the monstrous mood-enhancer that awaits them on Floor 3 can earn kooky fashion items like Pink Flower Tube or the Rainbow Tie-Dye Shirt.

This content update also brings with it a new item slot expansion to increase the amount of goodies they can store. More importantly, however, players will get to face new Valentine's-themed baddies, like the Choco Mimic. Ultimately defeating Mr. Oyster and Choco Mimic will reward players will nifty items, like the Valentine Chocolate Box or the Cupid's Wings Cape.

Luckily for Nexon, MapleStory Adventures has seen a resurgence in monthly players in recent days. The game currently welcomes 510,000 monthly and just 60,000 daily players, according to AppData. We're sure more content updates like this could help the game welcome back even more monthly players. At the very least it would hold them over until KartRider hits Facebook.
MapleStory Adventures Mr. Oyster Bed
Leave it to Nexon to make something as ugly as an oyster into one adorable boss creature. Then again, seeing something largely considered to be an aphrodisiac brought to life with cutesy little eyes only to be pummeled by equally-lovable adventurers for loot is ... just plain weird. At any rate, players can check out how MapleStory Adventures celebrates Valentine's Day right now.

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