FarmVille Anti Cupid Goals: Everything you need to know

Since the Anti Valentine's Day theme in FarmVille isn't as large as the regular Valentine's Day theme in the store, it only makes sense that we'd see goals in the game that will help expand on this lesser-supported theme. That's the case this week, as FarmVille Freak has discovered the details surrounding nine new goals that have shown up in the game, all surrounding an "Anti Cupid" theme.

Love is in the Air

  • Get 4 Black Rose Bouquets

  • Harvest Cow Pasture

  • Harvest 50 Flowers

For this Black Rose Bouquet task, and any other "Get X item" tasks, you'll need to ask your friends to send you these items before you can move on. Your rewards for finishing this first goal are 125 XP, Cupid's Stinky Pig and 2,500 coins.

Sours for the Sweet

  • Get 6 Boxes of Sour Candy

  • Harvest Stinky Pig

  • Harvest 75 Aloe Vera

Rewards: 150 XP, Puckered Porcupine, 3,000 coins


  • Get Anti Valentine's Day Cards

  • Harvest Puckered Porcupine

  • Harvest 100 Corn

Rewards: 175 XP, 3x Farmhands, 3,500 coins

It's a Trap

  • Get 8 Party Invitations

  • Harvest Stinky Pig Twice

  • Harvest 125 Jalapeno

Rewards: 200 XP, Anti Love Giraffe, 4,000 coins

Cupid Cakes

  • Get 8 Cupid Party Cakes

  • Harvest Love Giraffe

  • Harvest 125 Pineapples

Rewards: 225 XP, Black Heart Gnome, 4,500 coins

Decorated for Detriment

  • Get 8 Cupid Party Decorations

  • Harvest Puckered Porcupine Twice

  • Harvest 150 Fruit

Rewards: 250 XP, 3x Arborists, 5,000 coins

Like Fish in a Barrel

  • Get 9 Party Games

  • Harvest Love Giraffe Twice

  • Harvest 150 Cranberries

Rewards: 275 XP, Anti Cupid, 5,500 coins

Like Arrows

  • Get 10 Like Arrows

  • Master Stinky Pig to Level 1

  • Harvest 150 Red Tulips

Rewards: 300 XP, Turbo Charger, 5,000 coins

Cupid Love

  • Get 12 Cupid Candles

  • Master Puckered Porcupine to Level 1

  • Harvest 200 Soybean

Rewards: 325 XP, Mr. & Mrs. Cupid, 6,500 coins

These goals will be available in the game for the next two weeks, so even if you have plans through the Valentine's Day holiday, you'll still have some time afterwards to finish them off and receive all of the available rewards therein. Good luck finishing them all in time!

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What do you think of this Anti-Valentine's Day / Anti-Cupid Goals in FarmVille? Sound off in the comments.